Bushmen Experience

This 2 days tour will give you the chance to connect closely with one of the last surviving hunter-gatherer tribes in the world: the Hadzabe tribe. Immerse yourself in their way of life of these African bushmen, in an authentic experience, free of fake ornaments or shows for the sake of tourists.



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Day 1

Lake Eyasi

Starting at your accommodation around 8:00 am, we will drive you to Lake Eyasi, home of one thousand tribesmen that have kept their ways of living for thousands of years until our present days. Your tour will start meeting the Datoga, a tribe of blacksmiths that create weapons and other tools in very primitive ways, and trade them with the Hadzabe in exchange of their daily catch. After lunch yuou will have the chance of exploring the area in a walk around the lake, and after that witness a beautiful sunset back in the camp.

  • Eyasi bush camp

Day 2


An early start, just before sunrise, will be required to join the Hadzabe in their activities. If you choose to join the men in their daily hunting activities in the bush, you will have to keep a fairly fast pace in order to follow the hunters as they track and hunt down an animal, and, considering that this is a real hunting and essential for the survival of the tribe, also to be respectful and inconspicuous at all times. If hunting is not your cup of tea, then you can help the women in the fruit gathering, which will give you the chance to enjoy a nice walk around their areas, as you also learn more about their traditions and culture. We will be returning to Arusha before lunch time.

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  • Transport
  • Guided tour
  • Lunch


  • Tips for guide (highly recommended)*

*The standard tipping policy per group is to give 20$/day for the guide

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